Pizza Counter Series

Integrated operation console, a good helper for chefs

Keep fresh for a long time, your business is a good helper。

Precise temperature control, intelligent preservation, one-key defrosting, energy saving, imported accessories, air-cooled, frost-free, environmentally friendly refrigerant。

The upper part is fresh-keeping, stainless steel or marble worktop, the lower part is fresh-keeping warehouse。

Features and Benefits

European brand thermostat:

Precise temperature control, temperature is clearly visible。

Brand compressor:

Master the core refrigeration technology, Embraco compressor。

sealing strip:

Adopting three-layer airbag door seal, the rebound is good without deformation, there is Effectively lock in air-conditioning and keep warm for longer。


Convenient to move the machine, help ventilate and dissipate heat, and can change the bullet feet that can be adjusted up and down。

Thickened shelf:

More weight, adjustable up and down。

Motor cooling holes:

Porous motor heat dissipation, faster cooling and more durable motor。

Automatic return door

European style door handle design, the door can be easily replaced with a drawer。

Number of copies

European standard, the cabinet size is designed to hold GN1/1 serving plate or 600*400mm bakeware。

Pizza Counter Series